@alklingberg: But first, just another belfie! Bootey workout today, few things in this wold I love more than a really good bootey session! feel the burn! 💪❤️👌💥


Paparazzid by my girl while making one of my favorite maintenance / first phase cutting breakfasts😍

-1 whole egg
-6 egg whites
-whole grain tortilla (or whole grain bread)
-low calorie salsa with koriander
-fresh pineapple

For those with the BE app or BE Diet planner tool feel Free to switch the breakfasts to this. As long as iT fits the meal goals and daily goals ofcourse. You may need to change the number pf eggs etc.I usually reccomend less high GI tropical fruit during cutting so If your deep in a cut leave out the pineapple for an Apple or blue berries.

Have a Great day everyone.
#cheftavi #hellskitchen

Roman Khodorov

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 Thomas Canestraro.